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Success Stories

Tommy was diagnosed when he was 2. He had a lot of meltdowns and would not sit well in the car. He would not go to sleep himself and would not sit well for waiting for long periods of time. Now that we have had Cal, he goes to sleep and cuddles with Cal. Cal stops meltdowns once they have started. He sits nice in the car and waiting anywhere. Tommy and Cal are connected wonderfully. Tommy says Cal is his best friend. Cal is a very good dog and I could not have asked for a better friend for Tommy.

Luba is a young lady with autism from the Minneapolis area.  Luba has anxiety when she experiences loud noises or tasks that are outside of her normal routine.  Her service dog, Noni is used as a calming mechanism and a distraction.  When Luba becomes agitated, Noni lays on her lap if possible or gives kisses to distract her. Luba in turn pets Noni as a relaxation trigger.  Noni accompanies Luba everywhere. They are tethered together at school and out in public so Luba cannot wander off.  Noni also alerts Luba's mother when Luba leaves her room at night and opens the door for Luba if she is calling out for her mother.  The teachers at school have stated the Luba is much more social and happy now that she has Noni by her side.

    Andy Thain is a quadriplegic as a result of cerebral palsy from birth. He grew up on his parents’ dairy farm in Thorp, WI. On his third birthday, he received his first power wheelchair. It has been his only form of mobility and he is always seeking ways to increase his independence. Andy has always been dependent on his friends and family to ensure his well-being. The time came when Andy’s friends and family could no longer be there for him, when he left for college at Marquette University.

One afternoon Andy was on his way home from a convenient store located very close to his residence at Marquette. He dropped his wallet while crossing the street. Since Andy was unable to pick up his wallet, he was forced to wait for someone to walk by and pick up his wallet for him. At this time, it became evident to Andy that he was in need of assistance.

Andy then received his black Labrador Retriever named Louie. Louie solved many of Andy’s problems. The main solution that Louie supplied was picking up items for Andy, anything from a dollar bill to a TV remote. Louie gave Andy independence he had never experienced before. Louie has become a valuable service for Andy and also a loyal friend. Louie has become Andy’s sidekick, accompanying him everywhere. Due to their trusted partnership, Andy only leashes Louie in places that it is required by law. Andy is confident that his dog will never leave his side.



“Louie has been absolutely exemplary in every way. Every time he does his job for me, we go for a walk. When we play fetch, I am reminded what a great dog he is and how lucky I am to have him.  I'm extremely grateful to Capable Canines of Wisconsin for setting me up with the best dog that I could ever hope for. I know that this type of work takes a tremendous amount of volunteers and is dependent on the community for the success of their fundraisers.  I would like to thank them. This is important work and I pray they’re able to continue doing it.” -Andy Thain

Jacob Charles was born a happy, healthy boy. When he entered into his teenage years, something changed. Doctors found that Jacob was born missing a chromosome, giving him a disability very similar to autism. Once Jacob’s family understood his disability, they also understood the great benefit a service dog would be. This is when Jacob was joined by a yellow Labrador Retriever named Toby. Toby was trained to ensure that Jacob does not leave the boundaries of his house while unsupervised. Toby is also Jacob’s reading buddy and can redirect Jacob when needed. Jacob brings Toby to school, which is a significant part of Jacob’s social therapy. Toby has allowed Jacob and his family to feel a sense of comfort. 


    Sharon was Capable Canines of Wisconsin’s first applicant to receive a service dog. Sharon has had a service dog in the past and therefore understood the numerous benefits. Sharon was matched with a Labrador Retriever/ Shepherd mix named Keeya. Sharon depends on Keeya to pick up dropped items, open doors, and bark on command to summon help or assistance.  Keeya allows Sharon to live alone and increases her everyday independence.   
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