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Application Process

1.  Complete the application (available here).  If you experience difficulties, you may print a PDF application here or please request a copy from  

2.   Mail (or pay online at end of online application form) $25 non-refundable application fee (check made out to CCOW) to:

pable Canines of Wisconsin, Inc.
          P.O. Box 34
          Onalaska, WI 54650

 3.  When Capable Canines of Wisconsin receives the preliminary application and fee, the board of directors will review the application and you will receive notification stating if your application is tentatively approved or denied. The board will contact you with any follow-up questions and discuss how a service dog may be able to assist you. After application approval, CCOW will not contact again you until we schedule a home visit and then again when a service dog has started training for your specific skill needs.  NOTE: If your $25 application fee is not paid, the board will contact you for the fee and will wait to review your application until the fee is paid.

 4.  You must also demonstrate the ability to pay for the daily expenses for the dog, which includes food, heartworm medicine, vaccinations, grooming, veterinarian bills, and any replacement equipment that is needed for the dog to continue the service work.

 5.  You are responsible for notifying CCOW of any change in contact information including address, phone, and email address while you are applying for a service dog.

 6.  Once you are notified of your acceptance, Capable Canines of Wisconsin will schedule a home visit or request a video or pictures of your living and working environment.

 7.  You are responsible for fundraising for the cost of the service dog if needed; however, if requested, Capable Canines of Wisconsin will assist you in fundraising efforts and will provide you a fundraising guide.  This may include hosting press conferences, sponsoring events, and publicizing you and your potential service dog.

 8.  Capable Canines of Wisconsin will contact you when there are dogs that could be possible matches.  You are not matched on a first-come first-serve basis, as the dog must be a great match for your needs.  Capable Canines of Wisconsin
make every effort to match people as soon as possible; however, our average wait time is 2-3 years from application approval to placement.

 9.  You will be notified when we believe a dog has been secured that matches your needs and the general length of time we expect training to take.

 10.  Prior to placement, you will receive a specific schedule about the placement, dates, location and release forms.

 11.  Team training and placement with you and our trainer will take place at your home and will last 4-7 days.  The trainer and service dog will travel through your daily routine and any other locations you may typically go. If you need an attendant and/or special transportation, you must provide this. Please plan to take advantage of this time to put the service dog through its paces while the trainer is with you, as any additional time with the trainer after placement will be at your expense and is not included in the standard service dog fee.

 12.  Applicants will be considered without regard to race, gender, religion, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, origin, or age.

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